Vista Video Storage & Server Technologies, Inc.

“Recently our firm has implemented a large IP video system for the City of Las Vegas PD with over 300 IP cameras all running at full frame rate with HD resolution and have no issues, the VVSST product is rock solid. At Commercial Controls we use VVSST as our IP video server standard for any system large or small, the product works great and customer service is even better.”

- Doug Scripture, Commercial Controls

“Of all the vendors I work with, I have received the most consistent and comprehensive service from VVSST. They are a pleasure to work with and have exceeded my expectations on every project. I wish I could keep the exceptional products and support I’ve received from them as my little secret but I would highly recommend VVSST for any VMS/storage requirements you may have.”

- Mat Thirtein, Perpetual Digital Solutions

“As an integrator and designer of IP video systems I need equipment manufacturers who know what an IP camera server needs to do. VVSST is an expert in server and storage configuration. They know the system requirements of the applications that will run on the servers they build. That alone puts them a step above the rest. The fact that they are a pleasure to work with is an extra bonus.”

- Pete K., Macro Digital Technology Corp.

“VVSST has been very helpful and responsive to designing and delivering video storage appliances and servers for our clients. Their expertise and timely service have been invaluable in helping Network Design, Inc meet our customers demanding requirements. I would (and do) recommend VVSST to my business associates and clients.

- Michael J. Parrott, Network Design, Inc.

“We decided to put mega-pixel cameras throughout all of our new construction schools. I came up with design requirements and solicited bids from three different vendors. I was pleased to find out right away that VVSST was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of the questions that I had. I was even more pleased to find that VVSST servers appear to be very reliable and a great value. I would highly recommend VVSST servers for your video server/storage requirements!”

- Kyal, Summner School District

“VVSST has been great for us. We love the product and the service is second to none! We have implemented their servers in heavy production facilities, large commercial, DOD manufacturers, institutional facilities… All with great success.”

- Preston, American Security Group

“VVSST has unlocked the “secret sauce” for video recording and storage. We were purchasing major brand off -the-shelf servers for our IP video projects and started experiencing dropped frames and lag on projects with high megapixel cameras and high motion. We tried VVSST at a comparative cost, experienced a significant improvement in performance. Their old-fashioned tech support (you actually talk to someone that knows their stuff) is very refreshing. I would highly recommend VVSST for any IP video project."

- Robert, ATS Alaska

“Working with VVSST is very easy. I can depend on a quick turn around with an accurate quote for all of my server and storage needs. Once installed the product works as promised and delivers the horsepower needed to operate under the high demands of an IP CCTV system. My customers and I have been very happy with the products and services provided by VVSST.”

- Adam, Fire Protection Engineering Technology

"I would recommend VVSST’s expertise – we have done numerous servers and we haven’t had 1 problem. Project after project I can rely on the product that VVSST has provided. VVSST knows Video Recording!

- Jeff, Electrical, IA & Security

“I have been working with VVSST for several years now, great product and STELLAR service. VVSST is always available to answer all my questions. And when I had a problem (1) it was immediately addressed and the fix was shipped out the same day.”

- Norm, Parallel Technologies